Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why the $%#@ am I up so late?

Good question, grasshopper.

Another good day. I am getting into the groove of the weight thing. Although....waffles are still souding very attractive.

It's been a psychotic couple of days. Between news from my dad and some health stuff I have going on, and my dog escaping into the neighbor's yard today- argh. But on the weight loss front, things are going well!

I got up this morning and weighed, and (since I was up 1 lb. yesterday, presumably from drinking a few gallons of water) I lost that pound plus one more. Hooray! So I am now officially 245.6. Of course, my body fat went up, but I know that's an exercise thing, and it goes with the weight loss territory. *Sigh*

I am starting slow with the exercise. I have been doing lots of housework, and I wish I had the pedometer so I could monitor my progress. I went shopping today, and did a lot of strolling around with my buddy- and we saw a movie and out to dinner.

I was sooooo good- bottled water at the movies, and salmon at the restaurant, which I cut in half! I also managed to ignore the bread basket, which is a minor miracle. Later on, I walked to Koffeeheadz from my house with my neighbor (instead of driving- it's a 15 minute trek, for pete's sake! And I wanted to thank him for corralling my wayward 90 lb. canine from hell) where I traded in my usual hedonistic peanut butter shake-based coffee drink (with whipped cream! GAH!) for something much lighter.

Oh, hey- if you haven't seen Cinderella Man yet- go see it. Reallly, really good. Even though the fight sequences caused me to clench my teeth and wince and ocassionally squeeze my eyes shut. The parts where the protagonist is with his wife and kids were so fantastic: he just seems like such a GOOD person. Russ and Renee had great chemistry and did a tip-top job, and of course, the guy from Sideways (good 'ol what's his name) was phenomenal too.

So- I am working exercise in. I also got all homemaker-y today and made light spaghetti sauce (ground turkey added to organic marinara) and the enriched Barilla wheat angelhair pasta, and put half in one big Tupperware, and the rest into single-serving containers- enough in each one to grab for quick meals for hubby or myself.

I also grilled a few stray chicken breasts and cut up strawberries so I will be more likely to reach for them as snacks, and I hard-boiled some eggs.

I also have to say- I am so glad we have a water purifier on our fridge. We got a statement from the water board today reviewing the mineral/contaminant levels of the H2O here in Fresno. Holy crap.

Especially considering how much water I drink, I am glad that we've been converted over for awhile. At the same time, I wonder how a standard water filter measures up to "hexavalent chromium". That's right, folks! Hexavalent chromium- It's what's for dinner.

Call me paranoid- but between that and what they say about the hormones in meat and stuff, and their effects on children (particularly girls), I am thinking going organic at every opportunity is looking better and better.

As someone who wants to have kids sometime soon, I worry about how much of that stuff I have ingested and how that fits into the bigger picture. So many people I know struggle with weird health problems- people who are otherwise young and healthy- and part of me wonders how all the crap in the food we eat and the water we drink affects us on a grander scale.

Don't get me wrong. I loooooove my burgers, and admittedly could become addicted to Coca Cola with very little effort on my part. But for a meat and potatoes girl like me to start worrying about this is a new and depressing thing.

Maybe it's because my priorities are changing. Hopefully, it doesn't mean I am going to start wearing that perfume that smells like dirt and using the ineffective crystal deodorant. However, it does mean that I made the switch to henna from hair dye last month. I love it, although it smells disturbingly like frozen peas. But I digress.

OK- here's what's on the menu:

Breakfast: skipped- I was busy uh, sleeping in. (Bad Jenna!)
Lunch: Wheat spaghetti w/ lite sauce and ground turkey, broccoli, nectarine
Dinner: Salmon, French Onion soup, broccoli (yes, again!)and 1/2 baked potato with a dab of butter.
Snack: Iced double skinny vanilla latte
Water: around 64 oz.
Exercise: trekking to and fro.

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