Friday, July 01, 2005

I can do this.

Throwing My Weight Around

If I keep repeating it'll be true.

I had a great day yesterday. My husband came home at midnight, we went to bed and just snuggled up and talked for awhile. Everything was blissful and wonderful, until suddenly-

I wanted pancakes. Out of the freaking blue. I don't even really LIKE pancakes. After relaying to my brain to be reasonable, that I am not a pancake fan, although I would never say no to a belgian waffle...the mere suggestion of waffles caused every waffle-related synapse in my brain to light up like Las Vegas at night and I began to salivate like a rabid dog.

As I recall, this goes away, eventually. Maybe I need an exorcism.

The Menu (NO WAFFLES!)

Breakfast: skipped (dammit)
Lunch: Green salad with grilled chicken breast and kidney/garbanzo beans
Dinner: Sushi
Snack: grapes
Water: 64+ oz.
Exercise: Grocery shopping

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