Friday, July 06, 2007

Releasing My Inner Dork

So, this is the month. The month of Harry Potter. And thank heavens, because I really could use some distractions right now!

I am a big enough fan to need to go to every single midnight movie and book release, but luckily not dorky enough to have a wand with my name on it, so my friends and The Man generally humor me.

Yes, we already got the tickets for the midnight showing on Tuesday. Now I just need to pre-order my book, so I can get book 7 at midnight the night before as well.

Yes, I am a large child.

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The Town Criers said...

We preordered the book but have to wait a full week to see the film. Sniff... I'll end up seeing the movie and getting the book on the same day.

Your guess about Snape and Lily was great. There has to be something more to why James picked on him...

I'm taking all the distractions I can get :-) When is your beta?