Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue Jean Baby

Oh Lane Bryant.

Sometimes, you get it so very wrong. But every once in awhile, it is so, so right.

Ladies, if you are of the plus-size persuasion, this is some seriosuly great news.

Lane Bryant has decided to come up with three different figure types for their jeans. Jeans which have no sequins anywhere. One cut for women who are hourglass, one for women who are more pear-shaped, and one for women who are slimmer through the hip and thigh, but have a bigger waist.

I have always had a problem with jeans, particularly since this whole low-rise thing has been going on. I am long-waisted, which means that those jeans inevitably hit me at the widest part of my hip, and barely cover anything that they need to cover. And if they fit me in the waist, they are huge through the seat and thighs.

I love the new jeans at LB. LOVE them. They are even better than my so-called "magic" jeans, those Long & Lean jeans from The Gap.

I was looking in the mirror in astonishment, and accidentally sold two other women on them.

One of them actually insisted that I needed to turn around and look at my ass in the three-way mirror.

"Seriously...sweetheart! Years from now, you will want to remember how your butt looks in those jeans! Take a picture or something when you get home!"

Wow. Trust me...if those jeans can do that for me, what can they do for you?

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