Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up #6

Well, it was bound to happen eventually!

I have been trying a "new thing".

I'm not going to draw too many conclusions, but on paper, this week looks like crap.

I have gained 4 lbs.

Before I started to freak out, I remembered this:

I did have one bad day of eating, but I know that there is no logical reason for a 4 lb. weight gain. The bad eating wasn't up to "ate an entire cheesecake" levels.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Trader Joe's is out of my fave high fiber cereal? We'll see if we can't eradicate that problem this week.

Add to that fact that I have been taking meds that seriously mess with my hormones.

Also, I am raring to go back to the gym, but online research and pleas from The Man make me think that I should lie low this past week and the coming week. I do have some yoga DVD's, and I plan to be doing a lot of work around the house and walking on the treadmill. So all is not lost, although I do feel like a slacker. I will still be as motivated (for better or worse) in a week or so.

Still, four pounds! Aiiigh! OK, girl, shake it off. Your jeans still fit just as loosely as they did last week.

Add to that, I finally met up with an old friend for lunch. She has lost 60 lbs, and is a shadow of her former self. (And she didn't warn me before we met up, either!)

She looks great, and she is going through a divorce, so I find it difficult to be resentful. Plus, I can't be too bitter, because she is taking diet pills, which I know works for me, because of the wanting to have a baby thing, and also because I have tried them, and they do work, but they also make me a little insane.

Still it made it a little easier to decline the buttermilk spice muffin from Mimi's the other day.

That's right, I turned down a muffin and gained 4 lbs. Hopefully I'll have better karma next week!

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SaraDru said...'ll lose five next week. It just works that way. Keep up the good work!