Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I went to a new dermatologist to see if she could do anything about my acne, and maybe check a skin tag on my eyelid.

I left with stitches. Evidently, there were suspicious moles on my back. So they removed the "most abnormal" one, and it is heading to a lab, along with the skin tag.

So if you have any moles, or just haven't been checked for awhile...get thee to the dermatologist! Point 'em out!

Did I mention that I already have a dermatologist, but he will prescribe no meds for me because I am trying to get pg? Oh, and he has never even looked at my moles.

Of course, the crappy dermatologist is the one that my insurance will cover. Not the dermatologist who actually DID something. I should have known when I saw her spiffy salt-water fishtank that I was in over my head.

Fun fact: they did tell me that I have about 50% fewer moles than most of their other patients.

I got the call from the headhunter last night. He wants me to come up with an eight week series on reptiles. I have a meeting with him next week. I am excited!

In other news, crazy guy my sister was seeing is actually who he says she is. Evidently her digging and background checks almost got him fired. D'oh!

We still haven't decided whether or not he is gay. I will have to clue her in on the Grrrl Genius method: You ask who his favorite female character was on Gilligan's Island. If he says Mary Ann, he's straight. If he says Ginger...well, you're in trouble!

I am going to be gone this weekend...I haven't made a lot of contingency eating plans. We'll see how I do.

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