Monday, June 04, 2007


I have mentioned here many times that I hate, hate, HATE having my picture taken.

I was walking into the store yesterday, when I noticed a man in a truck. He was sitting there and I THOUGHT he was talking on the phone.

"Gee, " I thought. "That phone is awfully far away from his face. He's not talking...maybe the person on the other end is really loud? And why is he moving it in an arc as I walk past?"

Then the light bulb (in my head) went off. That jerk was either filming me or taking my picture as I walked past! And there is absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I am so creeped out and irritated by this. Gah!! Gah!!!!

So either I am going to provide wanking material or I am about to become a Glamour Don't.

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