Monday, September 24, 2007

Things I love, 1-10

1. Baby penguins. Even when they make me cry. I think they are the cutest animal babies ever. (And yes, that is a bold statement, but I am prepared to back it up.

2. Knitting- relaxing, engaging, incredibly frustrating, but also incredibly rewarding.

3. Kids books. I have the whole Anne Of Green Gables set, Chonicles of Narnia, all the Louisa May Alcott stuff, and of course, Harry Potter.

4. Freezer confections- Most specifically, orange popsicles and Drumsticks.

5. Felt tip markers and the 64 pack of Crayolas. I just like to have them.

6. My wedding ring- a vintage design, from the fifties.

7. The front courtyard, which we made ourselves- when it’s done, it will be my fave place to hang out.

8. Fresh fruit- especially strawberries and pineapple.

9. Bearded iris- Especially the ones that smell heavenly.

10. Halloween. Not because of the candy, because I get to dress up!


Petra said...

So. I love Halloween for th opposite reason.

and I'm gonna start reading your blogs, if that's okay. I just started on sunday, and I need some new friends...Or something.

So I'm gonna be like the new kid in school and stand next to the sand box and wait for someone to offer to bury me in sand. Hell, that's what passed for friendship when I was a kid.

Nathalie said...

those penguins are adorable !!