Wednesday, July 05, 2006


It's been forever.

Mostly because overnight, my job went from part-time to full-time, and partly because there's been some major and minor household upheavals recently.

The Man got read the riot act regarding playing World of Warcraft. He has agreed to only play on Saturdays now, and I feel that this is fair, although the caveat is that if he plays it on a day that is NOT Saturday and I catch him, he has to kiss it goodbye.

In other news, The Man started up his truck about a week ago, and it made a funny noise, so he pulled back into his parking spot and opened the hood and saw....fur.

Evidently two black kittens had crawled up into the fan shroud of his engine compartment, and when he turned the car on....

They actually turned out to be very lucky. One of them had a broken foreleg, and the other was completely unharmed. The one with the broken leg ended up being accepted by a vet who specializes in this kind of stuff (she's getting a bolt in her leg) and the other one...

Well, we now have two cats. Lady Luck is about 8 weeks old, and has already had her first shots, a deworming pill, and a flea bath, none of which she appreciated much. She's black with big eyes that are turning gold, and a really long body and tail- the vet says she's going to be a big cat. She's totally cheeky and intrepid, has zero regard for the well-being of our furniture and is a little TOO fascinated with the parrot, so she's got to be supervised at all times until her hot pink Soft Paws arrive. (They match her hot pink collar.)

Our big boy cat was initially terrified of her, but has now figured out since he weighs at least 18 lbs. more than she does, he probably doesn't have a lot to worry about. They are definitely not best friends, but they are fascinated by one another.

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