Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Et tu, Blogger?

I am over the hair thing. Finally.

Possibly because the new job has begun, and I am loving it. LOVING it. I am hoping it continues in some form or another during the summer. It's so rewarding, working with these kids. And ironically? My weak points don't seem to be where the problems are. Math? No big whoop for these kids.

The areas where the problems lie? English. Spelling. Science. Which are all fairly strong points for me. So I am basically having a blast.

In other news? I decided to reward myself for generally being fabulous. I have been slowly eradicating my old wardrobe mishaps and so:

Duh. I bought shoes. Fabulous springtime shoes. Hopefully by the time I actually wear them out of the house, I will have bothered to shave and use moisturizer, and I will be much less...well, "pasty" seems like a good word here.

These are totally going with the white prairie skirt and the orange beaded tank. And the jean jacket. And some turquoise jewelry. And a tan....yes, definitely a tan...which means they might get shelved 'til summer.

OK, can't you just see these with a cute little white or black dress? And a cardigan? Well, I can.

These were 5 bucks. No, totally not kidding. And as we all know, red + sparklies + high heels = MINE, all MINE! Muuuahahahahaaaa!


Other signs that spring has sprung?

That Dove I mentioned?

She comes back every year. I did try to get a better picture, but it frightened her when I got too close. So before she got back, I took this:

Yes. I am a dove stalker.

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